Acne / spots

Acne is common. Most grow out of this by the time their teenage years are over but some can persist. We can all get a breakout of spots from time to time. This is normal. Lots of factors can be at play to cause this such as stress and hormonal changes. 

Here at Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic you will be dealing with Dr.Kara, a specialist GP doctor with a wealth of expertise in dermatological conditions. She will develop a tailored skincare package to best meet your needs for best results.

Obagi medical skincare contains a range of skincare products to meet all skincare needs, for all skin types.

Skincare result by Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic , Norwich , Norfolk

Obagi Clenziderm range

The Obagi Clenziderm range is best suited to acne prone skin types. This range includes:

  • Obagi Daily care foaming cleanser
  • Obagi Pore therapy
  • Obagi Therapeutic lotion
These products contain 2% salicylic acid and 5% Benzyl peroxide working together to combat acne. Obagi have developed the active ingredient, benzyl peroxide, in the therapeutic lotion to be a smaller molecule than what is currently on offer from other products on the market. This means that it gets into the affected area more effectively providing more effective results.

Blue peel radiance chemical peel

Great for acne / spot prone skin.

This treatment can give your skin the boast it needs in the right direction for great skin if you suffer from acne / blemish prone skin. It contains salicylic acid that reduces oil, unblocking pores and getting rid of dead skin cells to provide glowing results. For more details click here.

Obagi 360 range 

Obagi360 product range is great for blemish prone skin type. This range contains:

  • Obagi360 cleanser
  • Obagi retinol 0.5% cream
  • Obagi360 hydrafactor SPF 30
For those wishing to have a higher dose retinol there is Obagi360 Retinol 1% is available in the range also. Note: Higher strength retinoid skincare is available. Dr.Kara can advise you on what would be best suited for your skin.

This range has all you need to protect and care for your skin. 


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