Facial Aesthetic Ultrasound

Your safety is my priority

Facial Aesthetic Ultrasound is a painless procedure that helps to reduce complications related to dermal filler. This is the latest technology in order to keep my customers as safe as possible in clinic.

Using this device during your initial consultation helps visualise your anatomy so important structures can be avoided during treatments. This device enables ultrasound guided treatments where you can visualise the needle or cannula and ensure correct product placement.

The procedure is quick, normally a few minutes, and comes as a complimentary service.

Read more on how ultrasound can benefit you here.

Facial Aesthetic Ultrasound by Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic , Norwich, Uk
Using ultrasound in my aesthetic clinic, Norwich , UK

If you want to see ultrasound being used by myself to provide a treatment click the link here.

By choosing my clinic, you are choosing a clinic who has been an early adopter for safer aesthetic practice.

My clinic is SAVE FACE regulated and doctor only. It is fully insured. By choosing my aesthetic clinic, you will be choosing safely.


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