Facial Aesthetic Ultrasound

Safety has arrived

Why you should be choosing an aesthetic clinic offering facial aesthetic ultrasound

Your safety is my priority. If you have been treated by me then you will know this. It must be a doctor thing that is engrained in us to ‘do no harm’. This is why I have invested in the future of safer aesthetics, facial ultrasound.

Facial ultrasound is taking the aesthetic industry by storm with medical professionals worth their mustard signing up quick. I have attended the 2ND EVER UK facial ultrasound training course this month. I have acted fast to continue to prioritise your safety in aesthetic practice. I am amongst some of the first clinics offering this service in the UK, certainly in Norwich, Norfolk, UK.

Dr Kara performing facial aesthetic ultrasound, Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic
Vascular mapping lips using facial cosmetic / aesthetic ultrasound, by Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic
Lip cross sectional diagram anatomy, Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic

Why is facial aesthetic ultrasound important:
-Prevents complications
-Allows for vascular mapping
-Can perform ultrasound guided treatments under direct vision
-More effectively treat diagnose and treat aesthetic complications
-Improve treatment outcomes

Vascular mapping for your safety

Vascular mapping using facial aesthetic / cosmetic ultrasound by Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic

You will hear me talk about vascular mapping more now I am using ultrasound in clinic so I will explain what this is. Vascular mapping is like a road map but for important blood vessels in your face. This information allows the clinician to understand the varying depths of your blood vessels and avoid them. Overall, meaning you minimise complications like vascular occlusion/blood vessel blockage that can cause temporary /permanent tissue damage following dermal filler treatment.

Who is this service for

I have fully integrated this service fully into my clinic and will only be for my patients and customers. Facial ultrasound is a complex skill to master and I plan to hone this skill through dedicated practice. Being a doctor, I understand that to become the best in your area of speciality it takes continued learning and application to provide the best service and this is what I plan to do.

By choosing my clinic, you are choosing a clinic who has been an early adopter for safer aesthetic practice.

My clinic is SAVE FACE regulated and doctor only. It is fully insured in a private clinic setting. By choosing my aesthetic clinic, you will be choosing safely.

If you have any questions or wish to find out more please contact the clinic.


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