Large pores

The appearance of large pores can be troubling for some. They are caused by a mixture of excessive skin oil,sebum, produced by sebaceous glands and dead skin cells

Some people produce more sebum that you need causing oily skin. Excessive oil mixed with dead skin cells can cause a build up in pores. This blocks the pores but the gland continues to produce sebum. This makes the pore grow larger resulting in blackheads.

Dr.Kara cosmetic clinic offers initial consultations with Dr.Kara, a GP doctor, that can help with this providing a tailored plan just for you.


How can this be helped?

Good skincare can help with enlarged pores. Using products and treatments that combat excessive sebum and dead skin cells will shrink your pores producing a more even skin appearance.

Below are some products and treatments that can be used. Click on find out more.

Chemical peels

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