Fine lines and wrinkles

Common areas we develop fine lines and wrinkles are frown , forehead and around the eyes. This is due to loss of skin elasticity with age and muscles contracting when we express ourselves through  e.g. laughter, frowning or squinting. 

Unfortunately , ageing is inevitable. This does not mean we cannot prevent and soften the physical signs of it. From the age of 25 yrs we all start to lose collagen and elastin in our skin which can mean we start to show fine lines and wrinkles as skin elasticity reduces. This process can be accelerated by numerous factors such as sun damage, smoking and pollution. This process can be slowed down with good skincare and cosmetic treatments. Best results are achieved when used in combination with each other. 

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Lip filler result by Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic , Norwich , Norfolk , UK
Before and after 0.5 ml Lip filler
Before and after anti-wrinkle / Botox treatment for forehead lines.
Anti-wrinkle treatment effects
Botox result before and after by Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic in Norwich , Norfolk
Anti-wrinkle treatment effects
chemical peel
Chemical peel and skincare results

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