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Thank you for making the decision to contact my clinic.  See below for booking information.

Booking information

Please read all information before booking including the terms and conditions. You will need to have an initial consultation first before any treatment appointment. This is important for us to plan your treatment and you to process my recommendations. Minimum time between initial consultation and treatment appointment is normally 72 hrs.

If you would like to be notified of any cancellations to get you into the clinic sooner please email the clinic

If you have any questions, please ask by contacting the clinic here. I am happy to help.

Results and Reviews

Sarah Buttaci
Sarah Buttaci
5 November 2023
I started working with Dr Kara after being diagnosed with PCOS at the start of the year and struggling to control my hormonal acne. There is no quick fix for my symptoms and Dr Kara has supported me during the ups and downs of my journey and while we are still tweaking skincare products and undergoing new treatments to battle my acne, my overall skin condition/pigmentation has never looked better. I look forward to managing my PCOS symptoms better in the future and I have no doubt Dr Kara will help me get the results I am striving for. 100% trust in Dr Kara. Thanks for all your help so far! ❤️
Amber Baxter
Amber Baxter
4 November 2023
Really good experience with Dr Kara. I was nervous as I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted but Dr Kara advised me and I felt really confident with what I chose. The whole process was smooth and I’m really happy with how it’s all turned out :)
Agne M
Agne M
11 October 2023
I recently had an online consultation with Dr. Kara regarding dermal fillers, and I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. Despite the virtual setting, Dr. Kara's warmth and professionalism shone through. He took the time to explain every aspect of the procedure with meticulous detail, ensuring I felt well-informed and comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Kara.
louize harries
louize harries
10 October 2023
I almost don't want to write a review as Dr.Kara is SO good if everyone knew they would be running, not walking to her clinic and there would be no appointments left ever! Seriously though highly highly recommended very knowledgeable an excellent practitioner and im very very happy with my treatment and results, from initial consultation, to recommendations then treatments ,plus skin care advice. i personally wouldn't go anywhere else.
Loren Sears
Loren Sears
9 October 2023
My skin has never looked better since starting the regime Dr Kara recommended, even other people have commented on my skin and how radiant it’s looking! So excited for further treatments 👏
Roz Harrison
Roz Harrison
8 October 2023
I went to Dr Kara a few months ago for Radiofrequency Microneedling and I can’t believe the difference after just one treatment. I was very nervous and Kara put me at ease. I chose Kara as a practitioner as I was really impressed with her background and credentials, she really knows her stuff and I felt completely safe in her hands. I will always go back to Dr Kara.
22 September 2023
I’d had consultations with other clinics who would only offer an ‘on the menu’ treatment, whereas DrKara was able to use her incredible skill and knowledge of the products to create a bespoke treatment plan that addressed my insecurities. I’m over the moon with the results!
Gemma Ashton
Gemma Ashton
21 September 2023
Dr Kara made me feel so reassured following our visit. It was so refreshing to speak to someone who genuinely wanted the best outcome for you, and wasn’t just trying to sell you products. Couldn’t be happier
Victoria West
Victoria West
29 August 2023
I've been under the consultation of Dr. Kare for over a year now, and I've noticed significant improvements in the appearance of my skin. While my primary focus has been addressing pigmentation, I've also experienced the added benefit of achieving a healthier overall complexion. Recently, I had a SQL treatment which has promising results. I'm waiting for my second treatment, expecting even more remarkable outcomes. Dr. Kare's professionalism and personalised approach are great. I highly recommend her services. Thank you for your dedication to introducing innovative facial treatments to the clinic. Thank you for your work!

Booking terms & conditions


Initial consultation £40
Treatment costs individually priced – see online booking for more details

As medical practitioners, your health is our priority. A full medical history will be taken at each appointment.
Please note that if you have a current infection, or are on antibiotics then we will not be able to go ahead with treatment. If you turn up to your appointment and have not previously disclosed this, then we will not be able to treat you and your deposit or full payment will be retained and not transferrable.
2. Active cold sore
3. Underlying illnesses or previous surgeries in the area that you have not mentioned beforehand
4. Incorrectly placed filler that needs dissolving
5. Certain medication ie Roaccutane
NB: This policy is applicable for all eventualities including illness, childcare issues, traffic, e.t.c.
If your initial or treatment appointment is more than 3 days away, you are free to change your appointment and your booking fee can be transferred to your next appointment. This can only happen once. Additional rescheduling you will need to pay the fee each time.
HOW: You can do this by clicking ‘reschedule’ on the booking email you should have received.
If your initial or treatment appointment is more than 3 days away, you are free to change your appointment and your booking fee can be transferred to your next appointment.
‘No shows’ will be invoiced or charged the full fee of the appointment.

After your initial consultation you will be provided with a detailed treatment plan with prices too.

You will be asked to pay in full for your initial consultation. For treatments you will be asked to pay either a deposit or in full to make your booking. This payment is partially refundable depending on notice period given ( see service details for further information or contact the clinic). This deposits will go towards your treatment on the day.

Please ensure prior to your initial consultation that you have completed the medical intake form sent to you.

Medical History

You may be sent forms to read and / or complete prior to the clinic appointment. Please ensure you have read this material and completed it if asked to do so.

Please note you may not be able to have treatment on the day if:

1. You have your wedding within 6 weeks

***Please note we cannot treat you if pregnant or breastfeeding***

Unfortunately, Dr Kara is unable to treat patients who are registered at Thorpewood Surgery,Norwich.

The treatment booking fee (50% -100% total treatment cost) is not refundable and can only be transferred ONCE if you need to reschedule. This counts as a late cancellation fee. Please rebook online when you are ready.




Late attendance may mean that your appointment is cancelled and your booking fee retained. If you are more than 10 mins late, you will be asked to rebook your appointment, will be charged the full treatment cost and asked to rebook.


Your first consultation fee (£40) is non refundable or redeemable. Further consultations will be chargeable at £40 per consultation and not redeemable or transferable.
Review appointments are free of charge but there may be a fee if further treatment is administered.

Payment is due before treatment commences.

For any questions please email

Deposits and payments are non-refundable to secure an initial consultation or treatment appointments. These payments are non-transferable to other treatments or skincare purchases. The clinic allows clients to move their appointment ONCE ONLY if they need to reschedule their appointment. If you would like to rearrange your appointment, it must be before the 72 hour time period and you must provide an alternate date when re-booking. If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment I will not be able to carry out the treatment due to the time needed to carry out safe practice with the nature of our procedures. In these circumstances this will result in a loss of the deposit, clients will need to re-book. If you wish to cancel your treatment appointment and do not reschedule your appointment immediately you will lose your deposit. If appointments are cancelled within 72 hrs of your appointment you will lose your deposit.


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