Anti-wrinkle treatments inc Botox

Also called 'wrinkle relaxer', 'wrinkle smoothing treatments'

What are anti-wrinkle treatments?

Anti-wrinkle treatments can include the use of a substance called Botulism toxin, to temporarily stop the muscles working to reduce the appearance of wrinkles forming. Prescription only medication (POM) like Botulism Toxin commonly referred to as ‘Botox’. This treatment requires an initial consultation prior to ensure your suitability and will be carried out by Dr Kara only in her central Norwich, Norfolk Clinic. Other ways of treating wrinkles can be with dermal fillers , chemical peels and skincare

One of the ways this treatment can help soften the ageing process is by temporarily stopping certain facial muscles moving which lessens wrinkles forming. It can soften wrinkles that have already formed too. This treatment is tailored for every patient, depending on his or her particular needs.  These can be performed in areas involving the eye region, forehead, and neck. 

Frown and bunny line botox anti-wrinkleby Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic , Norwich , UK

Botox® is a licensed brand of Botulinum toxin A. Other licensed brands include Azzalure ® ,Dysport®, Xeomin® Bocouture® . My clinic uses Bocouture. FAQ on this treatments can be found here.

Treatments available

  • Frown lines  (between the brow)
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines
  • Bunny lines
  • Gummy smile
  • Downturned mouth corners
  • Pebbled / Dimpled chin
  • Lip / Perioral lines
  • Smokers lines
  • Neck lines (Nefertiti lift)
  • Jawline softening / slimming (masseter muscle)

Anti wrinkle Botox treatment areas


  • Prices start from £300. Prices include 2 week review treatment if required.



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