Sweat reduction

Often referred to as 'Anti-sweat injections or anti-sweat treatments'

Here at Dr Kara cosmetic clinic you can get help to reduce the amount you sweat.

How do anti-sweat treatments work?

Sweat reduction treatments contain botulism toxin or ‘Botox’ that temporarily stops the sweat glands in that area from releasing sweat on the skin. This reduces the amount you sweat. 

These injections are individual for every patient, depending on his or her particular needs.

How long do anti-sweat treatments take to take effect?

1-2 weeks.

How long do anti-sweat treatments last?

6-12 months.

How much do anti-sweat treatments cost?

Prices start from £450.


Do anti-sweat treatments hurt?

The discomfort is minimised by applying numbing cream to the skin prior to the treatment.

Is this botox?

Botox is a brand of botulism toxin. There are several brands of botulism toxin such as Azzulure, Dysport, Xeromin and Bocouture. These can also be used for anti-wrinkle treatments. Currently, I use Bocouture brand.

Are anti-sweat treatments safe?

Yes, when administered by a trained medical practitioner with a registered license to practice. Botulism toxin product that I use has undergone extensive testing to ensure its safety for use for this treatment. 

Will I sweat more elsewhere?

No, the sweat reduction treatment reduces the amount you sweat from the armpits only. The effect is temporary and expected to last around 6-12 months.


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