How to prepare for your treatment – Chemical Peel

The time has come. You have finally decided to book your aesthetic treatment and you are excited for the outcome. However, there is some things that you can do to ensure the outcome is the best it can be. 

This blog will cover how to prepare for your chemical peel appointment- Pre, on the day and post appointment at Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic.

Please ensure that you have also read the latest guidance on aesthetic treatments and the COVID 19 vaccine.

Please familiarise yourself with the clinic’s policy.

How to prepare for chemical peel treatments

Pre Procedure advice

If able to, please stop any medication 7 days prior that can increase your risk of bleeding e.g. Aspirin, fish oil, ibuprofen. Do not stop medication if recommended to do for a medical reason. Please discuss with Dr Kara who can provide advice.

If you suffer from cold sores, please ensure you start taking anti-viral tablets 5 days prior to the procedure ( seek guidance from Dr Kara if unsure).

Avoid using ‘active skincare’ products e.g. Retinol, Tretinoin, AHA/BHAs, for 7 days pre procedure.

Avoid Laser Hair Removal, Waxing or depilatory creams, Electrolysis, Microdermabrasion 7 days prior

Avoid heavy exercise 24 hrs prior to your appointment.

Avoid heavy alcohol consumption 24 hrs prior.

CAUTION: Clients who have recently had any medical aesthetic facial treatments or procedures (laser, microdermabrasion, etc) should wait until all sensitivity has subsided and recovery has occurred- normally 2-4 weeks.

On the day advice

Arrive make up free. 

Take paracetamol 1 hr prior to your appointment.

Please arrive on time for your procedure. Anymore than 5 mins late I may have to reschedule your appointment and your deposit could be effected. You will need to attend alone.

Message me upon arrival and I will come out to meet you. Do not knock on the door please.

What happens during your procedure

Consent and photos taken. The area will be cleaned and the chemical peel applied. See my chemical peel treatment page for more info. The treatment will take around 30-60 mins to complete. An aftercare sheet will be provided following the procedure.

Post procedure advice

Mild peeling and redness is normal. Please consult with your practitioner prior to returning to your normal skin care regime (usually 5-7 days after application of Blue Peel RADIANCE).

Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 at all times, especially for the week post peel. Recommend a physical sunscreen post procedure.

Hydrate or Hydrate Luxe can be used as a moisturise. Avoid direct sun exposure.

Treat the skin gently – Do NOT exfoliate or pick at peeling skin

Do NOT wax or use any form of hair removal during the peeling stage.

Avoid AHAs & BHAs, retinoids, benzyl peroxide and facial products containing fragrance for 7 days post chemical peel.

Common expected side effects

The above advice should help to minimise this but the following side effects can be expected to occur:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Tightness
  • Itchiness
  • Discomfort

These side effects can last between 1-14 days. This means leave plenty of time for yourself to recover before any big events e.g. wedding, birthday. Your discomfort should be able to be managed with paracetamol alone. If not or any worsening symptoms, please contact the clinic immediately for advice, even if out of hours. You will be given an emergency number to contact in this instance.

If you are unsure about what has been explained in this article and want to ask questions please do not hesitate to contact myself as I am happy to help. Contact me now.

I am looking forward to seeing you

Dr Kara, Aesthetic GP doctor

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