Polynucleotide bio-stimulating injectable gel

Nucleofill uses polynucleotide gel technology to boost your skin’s ability to rejuvenate. The gel comes in 3 different formulations – soft , medium and strong. Think of it like fertiliser for your skin so it can reach its healthiest renewal cycle. It harnesses powerful moisturising and healing properties to reveal firmer,glowing skin.


Nucleofill acts the following way:

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Cleansing effect on the cells by increasing circulation and removing  free radicals
  • Deep moisturising effect
  • Firming and contouring
Nucleofill eyes result
Nucleofill face result


Nucleofill is specifically designed to improve:

• Improve under eye area
• Soften wrinkles and fine lines without the use of dermal fillers
• Regenerate the skin e.g. laxity, stretch marks.
• Bio-restructuration of deep tissues
• Pre and post-surgical treatment (such as Blepharoplasty, surgical eye lift, laser).
• Can be used in combination with Botulism toxin and other aesthetic treatments

Prices from £295.

You will require 2 sessions minimum with the result estimated to last 12 months. For more information please get in contact. For more product detail click here.


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