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Here at Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic we understand that most want to maintain their aesthetic results and what better way to do this than joining Skin Club, an aesthetic and skincare subscription service. This service will help to keep you looking and feeling at your best. In short, it is a direct debit to pay forward for future treatments. The subscription works as a ‘piggy bank’ on your account, allowing you to use the credit to pay for future treatments or skincare. There is no better feeling than getting what something and it already being paid for.

Depending on the frequency of your chosen treatments or your budget, you can pick from four membership levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. 

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How to join

Set up is super easy. Once you have decided which membership level works best for you – click the relevant link below. You will be taken to the GoCardless secure site to sign up and start your monthly subscription. Your credit will be automatically built up on your account at Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic. New to the clinic? If you wish to become a client, please get in contact to take advantage of this. Read on for more details on skin club.

Skin Club Subscription options

Click the options to set up subscriptions

Skin Club Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic
Skin Club Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic
Skin Club Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic
Skin Club Dr Kara Cosmetic Clinic

The truth is, no matter what your skin concerns are, regular treatments are better than one-offs. Consistency gets results and this service will help you achieve this. Dr Kara works with clients to plan out a regular schedule of treatments, so they know what to expect, and how much it will cost.

The idea is to make assessing skin, looking after it and maintaining results an attainable, habitual ritual, much like joining a gym.


What if I change my mind?

Yes, you can. Everyone is entitled to change their mind. You can withdraw your entire balance at any time without any penalties or financial repercussions.

Can I top up my balance?

Received a bonus or had a birthday? You can top up your balance at any time.

Is this a finance option?

No. You are paying forward for future treatments and/or skincare. You will have credit on your account. This will either pay in full or cover part of a treatment bill.

Does the balance of my account have to cover the cost of my treatment?

If your balance does not cover the cost of treatment, you can use you credit towards your cost of treatment and pay the outstanding balance in surgery.


Membership has no minimum term.
The membership will auto-renew and be taken by direct debit. This will be via Go Cardless.
Membership benefits available are non-transferrable.
Membership discounts cannot be combined with any additional offers.

Last updated 06/2023


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