Skin laxity

Skin laxity

This blog covers skin laxity. It shows the level of detail and care I provide from my aesthetic clinic. I care and I hope it shows.

We all start to lose collagen and elastin from the age of 20. This causes volume loss and skin sagging. The dreaded jowling starts! This can all be softened and in some cases reversed. Read on to find out more.

My client was asking how to improve the lines between her nose to mouth (nasolabial lines) and skin laxity. Their current skincare regime consists of exfoliating and sometimes a gentle cleanser, vitamin C, retinol 1%, moisturiser and SPF50) and they are in their 40s.

My response:

To improve the nasolabial lines you would be better to get cheek filler. This creates a ‘lifting effect’ softening the nasolabial lines. If we use a product specifically for the midface area you would not need a lot so would recommend 1.0ml. 1.0ml would cost £350.

What is the difference between collagen booster injections and Skinpen precision miconeedling?

You can use collagen boosters closer to the eye area  such as Sunekos 200. These can provide a mild to moderate volumising effect. Profhilo is another treatment classed as a skin booster.


Profhilo would be a good product as it is collagen boosting, combating sagging skin and moisturising deeply due to its high hyaluronic acid concentration ( 64mg/2mls) so would have a lifting effect on your cheeks. This might be a good way of getting the most for your money having 2 Profhilo treatments as it will improve midface volume and skin laxity. You may still require dermal filler to provide facial structural change and support over the cheekbones to contour.

Prices start from £575 for Profhilo 2 treatments. Some people require a 3rd treatment at a cost £250.


Where Skinpen excels is that it works on scar tissue, breaking it down and evening skin tone by healing hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Skinpen improves collagen, tightening skin, improving skin laxity and softening wrinkles. It can improve your collagen by 100% after 1 session. It would work well with dermal filler and your medical grade skincare.

How to improve skin laxity without injectables?

A softer approach would be to use Obagi Elastiderm facial serum to improve skin laxity. This is a thicker product that could be used in the evening instead of using a night cream. It can also be used during the day depending on your skin type. A stronger retinol product can also do this but comes with the risk of drier skin (not what you want in the colder season or ever in fact).


Obviously , if money was no option the best way to improve skin laxity is using a triad approach: Skincare, dermal filler and collagen boosters such as Profhilo.

My client wanted to know how to reduce mask related spots or acne due to the increase in mask wearing due to the Covid-19 pandemic and drying skin due to the colder weather.

How to reduce mask acne or maskne?

Maskne is common at the moment. Ensuring you change your mask 2-3 times a day as a minimum will help. Avoid touching the inside of the mask when putting the mask on and off. Keeping your skin thoroughly cleansed and moisturised. Basically, the normal things to prevent hand grease transfer into your face to block pores.

How to keep skin from drying out in colder weather?

Minimise products that can dry out your skin and moisturise. Vitamin C and Retinol based products can be drying. Sometimes using less mixed in with your moisturiser will help to prevent drying of the skin. Obagi C Rx exfoliating day lotion, similar to a toner but better, contains glycolic acid ( chemical exfoliation) , hyaluronic acid ( moisturiser) and vitamin E ( calming effect)—>This is great for combination/dry skin as it allows the skin to glow and vitamin C /retinol to work better. You use this twice a day and are expected to last 2-3 months. This could replace your vitamin C you use at present as more moisturising.

If your skin feels dry use gentle cleansers more than the exfoliating cleanser.
Use less drops of vitamin C serum and mix in with your moisturiser. Beware, Retinol can be drying!

Profhilo would be your best for skin laxity and midface volume loss if you had to choose one treatment from my clinic to address these 2 things as once. It might not lift your cheeks as much as filler though. Skinpen precision microneedling and medical grade skincare would work well for skin laxity but Profhilo I feel will cover both.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post on skin laxity, maskne and drying skin in the colder months.



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