How to do a skincare patch test

Skincare product patch test

-An easy guide to how to do a skincare patch test to avoid a potential allergic reaction

Receiving your new skincare is exciting! You are dreaming of glowing skin and wanting to get started ASAP for those skincare results to begin to roll in. I must advise that you are safe and patch test. It’s essential. Never skip this step as you risk having an allergic reaction.

What you will need?

  • Skincare product
  • A plaster

Why is patch testing important?

Patch testing is important before you try any new product otherwise you may end up a red and blotchy messAnd in some cases having a serious allergic reaction though this is rare. This reaction is normally temporary as long as you stop the culprit.

Consult your aesthetic practitioner before you embark on any new skincare or aesthetic treatment

How to do a skincare patch test?

You will need the product-neat or mixed to active. Consult the instructions for details on how to use. If you are patch testing a cleanser-wash the area with the product and then wait 48 hrs to see if a reaction has occured.

  1. Wash the area first and pat dry
  2. Apply a small thin layer onto your forearm with a cotton bud – pea sized amount of few drops of product
  3. Leave to soak in for a min or two and then put a plaster over the top
  4. Try to avoid washing the product off for 48 hrs
  5. After 48 hrs remove the plaster and wash the area

How to tell if you are allergic to skincare?

If the area has becomes irritating, sore, swollen or red, this could be an allergic reaction. If this occurs before 48 hrs please wash the product off sooner. Please consult your aesthetic practitioner for advice

In some circumstances some people have a delayed allergic reaction seen after 48 hrs. Please be mindful of this.

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